Rental conditions for Mikrohyttene

By pressing the button "SEND YOUR BOOKING" on our online form you authorize the following conditions:

1. Booking and confirmation

An order of stay with us including any packages or services is a personal agreement between the tenant and Mikrohyttene. Those who book a stay must be over 20 years old and are also responsible for the entire rental and for everyone in the same group. The tenant are financially responsible for the entire booking, including payment of the rent sum total and possibly compensation for damage that may occur during the stay.

An order can be made through our online booking, by e-mail, sms or phone. Any changes or cancellations may be made by e-mail to the Mikrohyttene.

An order is a binding agreement when Mikrohyttene have sent a booking confirmation by e-mail. You will also receive payment information at the same time as the confirmation. Standard maturity is 10 days. If the booking takes place less than 30 days before arrival or is a special offer, the payment deadline will be immediate.

If an invoice issued from us is not registered paid at maturity, we reserve the right to cancel the entire stay without prior notice.

It is not permitted to resell or otherwise assign a stay made between the tenant and Mikrohyttene. If we are in doubt who are checking in, you may be asked to show ID. If this is not met, check-in will be refused and your stay canceled. The amount paid will not be refunded.

2. Rates

Our prices are stated in NOK (Norwegian kroner) and only cover rental of the cabin, cleaning and bed linen / towels as well as duvets, pillows, toilet paper, dishcloths, cleaning supplies and electrisity, wood for heating the cabin and gas.

3. Cancellation and amendment

Cancellation or amendment should be made by email to:

If canceled more than 30 days before arrival refunded the full amount minus an administration fee of NOK 249,00

Cancellation under 30 days before arrival gives no rights to a refund.

If you cancel due to illness, we recommend checking if your insurance covers this.

Change of booking can be made until 30 days before arrival. A fee of NOK 249, - applicable.

NOTE! Gift card purchased through YouWish are not covered by our cancellation and amendment rules. See more under pkt. 4 Gift Card.

4. Gift Card

Mikrohyttene are selling gift cards on accommodation and services. Read more on our web pages.

The gift card is valid for 1 year and contains an ID and an expiration date as well as the value of gift card. Expiration date is the last date that accommodation must take place. Gift cards sold on campaigns can have a another expiration date.

The gift card can not be used on promotional campaigns or redeemed in cash.

Extension: From 1.1.2019 you have the opportunity to extend your gift card with an additional year. Expansion of gift cards costs 25% of gift card value and must be agreed and paid before the gift card expires.

Gift card purchased through YouWish are not covered by our cancellation and amendment rules. Booked stay can in no way be changed after your gift card has been redeemed at YouWish. In addition, this applies to all other items in our rental conditiones.

5. Additional services, activities and packages

Mikrohyttene can offer some activities or comfort packages. These services may be booked together with the reservation or under your stay. Payment for additional services under your stay can be made by card or cash. Read more about additional services and prices on our booking page.
Prepaid additional services or packages that are not used will not entitle you to a refund. Exceptions may be made if the reason for this lies with Mikrohyttene.

6. Arrival and departure

See our website for the time of check-in and check-out. At NoShow without a late check-in agreement, the order will be canceled. Mikrohyttene can then freely dispose or rent the object to others. Paid rent or other services will not be refunded. Free parking on the ranch.

Earlier check-in or later check-out is possible if there are no other guests in the cabins. This must be arranged with Mikrohyttene the day before the stay. Exceeding the time of departure entails an additional cost of NOK 1000,- per commencement of the hour.

Later arrival or early departure, or if the cabin is not adopted, would not justify a reduction of the rental price.

7. Stay in the cabin and cleaning

The micro cabin the Crown and the Brave are designed for up to 2 adult people.

Mikrohyttene are by definition child-free, but exceptions can be made. The number of persons in the cabin including children, regardless of age of the child shall still not exceed 2 persons.

If you wish to invite friends or family on a day trip during your stay, this must be agreed in advance with Mikrohyttene. There will be a charge per person of minimum NOK 300,- for day visits.

If the cabin or the outdoor area is used by more persons than agreed without the approval of Mikrohyttene, it will have financial consequences for the tenant. It is possible to pitch a tent on the area around the cabin during your stay. Contact us for the appointment and price.

The tenant is obliged to read and follow the usage rules which are posted in the cabin. Normal standard for law and order must also be followed. The cabin should be vacated in a clean and tidy condition. If final cleaning hired shall nevertheless cabin be cleaned, trash removed and the dishes washed and put away.

The cabins are smoke free, and you must appear extremely considerate when smoking outside due to forest fire danger. Throw cigarette butts into the bonfire. Snus is thrown into trash. Smoking in the cabins or in other buildings in our area will incur a cleaning fee of NOK 5000,-

Tenants must also ensure that the cabin vacated in securely locked and undamaged condition. If accidents occur, it shall immediately or as soon as practicable reported to Mikrohyttene on telephone +47 47 999 666. The outdoor area should be cleaned before leaving.

8. Pets

Pets are under no circumstances allowed in the cabins or in the area otherwise. Violation of this will result in a cleaning fee of NOK 5000, - in addition to immediate eviction. The amount paid will not be refunded.

9. Deficiencies in cabin

If any damage or missing upon arrival at the lodge, it must immediately or as soon as practicable reported to Mikrohyttene on phone +47 47 999 666. Please take images. The tenant must not repair any defects, unless this is agreed with Mikrohyttene. Manuals for various implements found in the cabin must be followed.

If a tenant does not alert you to any damages, missing or inadequate cleaning may result he / she will be held responsible. This even though others may have caused the incident. It is therefore important to report all defects to Mikrohyttene.

If the tenant arrives a cabin that is not satisfactorily cleaned upon arrival, it is not automatically entitled to refuse to clean the cottage thoroughly before their departure. This must be reported to Mikrohyttene.

Facilities that may exist in the cabin, and that is not described in the presentation (and therefore not included in the rent), is tagged. Also the tenant's disposal, unless otherwise stated. If these are incorrect or missing features, etc., it may not require remediation, and it is not granted the right to compensation.

Mikrohyttene have the right, within a reasonable period in which to correct errors and/or deficiencies remedied.

If the tenant leaves the cabin due to lack without having informed Mikrohyttene, or not given an opportunity to remedy any defects, can Mikrohyttene nor imposed replacement or refund liability.

If the above is not observed, will not tenant be entitled to procedural and possible. Compensation, and any complaint will not be taken into consideration by Mikrohyttene.

10. Keys and directions

Once your stay is paid you will receive an attachment with driving directions and where you can retrieve a key, or the door open code.

11. Force Majeure

Mikrohyttene are not liable for lease in the event of natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, epidemic diseases, border traffic, stop selling currency or other form of force majeure.

12. Update

The rental terms were last updated 13.10.2018